KC5GFD Mobile

Greetings cool people,

I’m pretty excited about finally getting back into this after living in an area that didn’t really have a good way to TX/RX no matter what I did.  Moved and eventually tried again and tada, I can chat again and even bout a new Yaesu FTM-300D to go with my Yaesu VX-6r and a stealth COMPACTenna 6M-2M-440 antenna in the attic.

I still have some work to do running cable and what not but ultimately, I can TX/RX now on 2M/70cm and get to people.  I’ve already linked up with a local HAM club as well called the S.T.A.R.S. club and so far I’m enjoying the 2M repeater (NL7RQ) 145.410 (-) 85.4 P.L. T/R.

More stuff to do on this website and on my radio stuff to get to where I want it… which means a never-ending project of fun.