KC5GFD Weatherflow Tempest

Howdy all you weather peeps…

KC5GFD Weatherflow TempestI’m getting deeper and deeper into weather stuffs which actually started when I got into amateur radio many years ago and as part of the Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net (C.A.R.E.N.) club.  No, it is not that kind of ‘Karen’ :).   They taught me quite a bit about weather, spotting, and other weather stuff but I didn’t have the gear nor the resources to get very serious about doing much.

Well, here I am many years later and here I go again.  This time, I have a bit more resources and even more interest in the weather.  As mentioned on my ‘Getting back to it…‘ and ‘I like to scan when I can…‘ posts, I have the ability to communicate a little better and monitor better.

I recently got purchased my own personal weather station Weatherflow called a ‘Tempest’ and a more advanced radar app from RadarOmega (Mobile & Desktop).  Combined, it makes it easier to track what is happening in my exact area, but I could also easily take it mobile if I chose.  Cool stuff to say the least.  By the way the Weatherflow company is AWESOME!!!  Check out what the station data looks like – Tempest (tempestwx.com).  This has API as well to directly connect to the data (super nerdy) or connect it to RadarOmega, Weather Underground and more but not easily to NOAA.